Wednesday Night – Disrupted

Wednesday night, brooding
with jars and vessel's and other things
on the kitchen bench

Whilst the chook cooks
and the cakes cool,
Leo, Raf's cat, disrupts the radio
- transmission.

Cooped up
and disrupted,
me and you 
ruffled, Raffled and shitty.

Summer Trip

It is Boxing day and as the excitement of Christmas fades, it is replaced by the sweet anticipation of a summer trip. It is a summer trip that will not take us south to a popular seaside spot, but one that will take us north to Albury, to the other side of the Victorian and NSW border… the better side according to Pa. Albury is where our grandparents live. They have a pool.

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A Six on the Sixth

Friday, December the 6th, 2019.

It’s the years’ end and I’ve noticed lots of announcements by proud parents reporting on scholastic achievements all about the virtual spaces that we inhabit in our down time, or up time, as it could be.

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