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A little Bit Mad

I’m sitting in a black vinyl covered swivel chair at Carnegie Hair place, Carnegie, of course. Sophia is combing my hair into sections with the pointy metal end of a tail comb. She is singling out the strands, painting them with a cool paste and swaddling each bundle into a tight foil wrap. The foils […]

Mysteries of the Track

It’s Friday night, Derby Day eve. I’m no punter, yet I love a racecourse. It is a mystery to me, I know. I like the look of the racecourse, the open space, the greenery of the turf and the white railings circling the tracks. I like the city track for its urbanity. The distant CBD, […]

Sunday Night….

….waiting for pizza. The order was mixed up by an absent minded waitress, so I had time to draw this shoptop whilst I was waiting outside. Below is a barbershop.


Today I made a trip to Collingwood that was not needed. I didn’t realise this until I got there. A shame, because I dislike wasting days with gorgeous blue sky weather, in the car. So I had lunch in Smith Street and did a sketch of the shoptop across the road. Then I went to […]