Month: April 2012

The Weekend

The weekend was taken up with rugby, table tennis, auskick, basketball and one game of footy, all in that order. The number of kids attending Auskick at various parks and ovals around Melbourne is truly amazing. Auskick is the hub of community activity on Saturday mornings and the involvement of all those Dads is fabulous. […]

The Voice

Everyone is busy watching The Voice , so there is no conversation to be had. Watching TV is tedious. All you do is sit and sit and sit , with one show leading into another. It is a lot like surfing the net or perusing ebay, you just get sucked into the vortex of time […]

Washing Basket

This washing basket……has a massive work load and is paid no where near enough for what it does. As you can see it is well and truly tired, tired and tired of doing what it does. Time for a holiday!

Easter Sunday

Lunch at the pub on Easter Sunday….nothing flash at all, but clearly this chap enjoyed being with his family and his family clearly enjoyed the fact this chap could be with them for the day.