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Footy Faith

Yes, another weekend of footy, back to back. Friday night TV footy; Saturday Morning School footy; Saturday Arvo Local footy; Saturday Night TV footy; Sunday Morning Under 9’s footy; And Sunday Arvo Radio footy. That’s our footy faith. Experimenting with an ink brush pen.

Calamity in the face of Opportunity…

…..Not my words; I heard them this morning on the radio in a post weekend sports wrap up. A weekend in which the Tigers went down by a point, Cyril did his hammy and Randwick bore witness to an intriguing public spat. The days are mild, the evenings are cold and the heater needs repairing.

Friday Night

Favorite Friday night with nothing on. Just Lounging in the lounge room, watching footy, drawing and playing games on the iPad. And given the horrid weather, the open fire well alight.

On the iPad

I am back again…. and using my Lamy Fountain pen with Black Noodlers ink. The pen is sticking a bit on this paper (the sketchbook was a freebie with the new pen and the paper feels just ever so slightly waxy). When the pen sticks or stops flowing it changes and slows down the drawing […]