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Wednesday Night – Disrupted

Wednesday night, brooding with jars and vessel’s and other things on the kitchen bench Whilst the chook cooks and the cakes cool, Leo, Raf’s cat, disrupts the radio – transmission. Cooped up and disrupted, me and you ruffled, Raffled and shitty.

Playing Cricket

Saturday morning sport. A warm Melbourne morning at a school in Wheelers Hill. Teenaged kids every where playing almost every sport man known to mankind. I was there to watch volleyball but it was too hot and stuffy inside the gym so I sat outside instead.


Today I made a trip to Collingwood that was not needed. I didn’t realise this until I got there. A shame, because I dislike wasting days with gorgeous blue sky weather, in the car. So I had lunch in Smith Street and did a sketch of the shoptop across the road. Then I went to […]