Month: January 2012

Summer Evening

A drawing of Hugo, the armchair with remote control and my sewing machine on an old primary school desk that I found somewhere. Still experimenting with pens. There are too many to choose from. The ones I’ve used here are the Uniball Drawing pens that come in a packet with a variety of sizes (fine […]

Chips and Water

Chips and water (and sauce of course) is in my mind not a very good mix. However it is coming to the end of school holidays and one will do whatever it takes to pacify a bored child (or in this case a kidult). The figure drawing is really bad, but that is what happens […]

New Ink

Yesterday I bought some ink to use for coloring. At $12.90 a bottle I only chose four, a yellow, a turquoise, a red and a magenta. I already had some sepia so I have toned the brightness down with that.

A Morning in the Park

Yesterday I took my son and his friend to a local playground. They spent the time running around playing “Spiderman” games, totally engrossed in their own little worlds. They were so thirsty they consumed 2 litres of Fruit Cup cordial.

Playing Games

My iphone battery is always flashing red BELOW 20%…….and this is the reason. Funnily enough when I was drawing this, the land line kept ringing (it rarely rings these days) and so that’s my reason for the right leg being skewiff.