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Wednesday Night – Disrupted

Wednesday night, brooding with jars and vessel’s and other things on the kitchen bench Whilst the chook cooks and the cakes cool, Leo, Raf’s cat, disrupts the radio – transmission. Cooped up and disrupted, me and you ruffled, Raffled and shitty.


This is Sharon. We met the day after the grand final on a Punt Road bound train. I got on at Caulfield station with Hugo, my only Tiger offspring, and at 14 years and five months of age he has been a devoted fan throughout. Together we have traversed the muddy times, the shock losses […]

Growing up

I’ve just realised that I am no longer asked “Can you butter my toast“. It was never a request. It was an expectation. Thirteen years and ten months it has taken to achieve this state of independence and mastery of technique. That of buttering the toast and spreading the Vegemite. Finally…. Well not quite.