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A Santa Sighting and the Tiger Train

Guess who I saw….. Last night I was out in the Ford Focus Sport heading east along Glen Huntly Rd looking for an evening sugar hit when the railway crossing lights began flashing and the boom gates descended in front of me. As I sat waiting patiently for the Long Island steel train to pass […]

A little Bit Mad

I’m sitting in a black vinyl covered swivel chair at Carnegie Hair place, Carnegie, of course. Sophia is combing my hair into sections with the pointy metal end of a tail comb. She is singling out the strands, painting them with a cool paste and swaddling each bundle into a tight foil wrap. The foils […]

Mysteries of the Track

It’s Friday night, Derby Day eve. I’m no punter, yet I love a racecourse. It is a mystery to me, I know. I like the look of the racecourse, the open space, the greenery of the turf and the white railings circling the tracks. I like the city track for its urbanity. The distant CBD, […]

The Drive Home

Into the dark of night, heading home,   from a dwelling, of God’s own.   Gates down DING, DING, and BT sounding, over kids in the back, a gentle idle-engine, humming.   SHOOSH, quiet,   iridescent light, flashing scarlet, the night pauses, for a bit.   It’s over It’s over. Turn it off.   The ball […]


The sweet and delectable taste of summer lingered as Hugo and I boarded the train at Caulfield just after 6pm on Easter Thursday. We were in good company as the carriage was filled with like minded revellers draped in various garments that declared their football allegiance. The Tiger colours probably outnumbered that of the Old […]