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Summer Trip

It is Boxing day and as the excitement of Christmas fades, it is replaced by the sweet anticipation of a summer trip. It is a summer trip that will not take us south to a popular seaside spot, but one that will take us north to Albury, to the other side of the Victorian and […]

Nice Kick Jack

Whilst at the oval the other day, I couldn’t help but notice this older lady with three young boys, more than likely to be her grandchildren. As she sat watching the rough and tumble of the game before her, she called out a string of encouraging words from the sidelines.


…..do you reckon that was holding the ball? Perfect Melbourne weather for a footy match at the local oval.

Chips and Water

Chips and water (and sauce of course) is in my mind not a very good mix. However it is coming to the end of school holidays and one will do whatever it takes to pacify a bored child (or in this case a kidult). The figure drawing is really bad, but that is what happens […]