Category: Cricket

Pretty in Pink

Old stand at the Sydney Cricket Ground, adorned in Pink and renamed The Jane McGrath Stand, for this Pink Day, the third day of the last test match v India Cricketers in the blinding sun. Pink hats.

Wicket Keeper

I am sitting here at my desktop doing odd jobs such as paying bills and booking tickets to things. It’s 8:51 and the first day of school holidays. The pace is off. I am in the upstairs lounge room, kids area, at silly mid-off as it turns out. I have almost been whacked in the […]

Green Bat

I am learning how to score………not in a nefarious way, but in a game of cricket. A few years ago my older boys were all playing junior cricket. At one stage they played for three different clubs. This meant different games, at different grounds, but often all at the same time. The only significant benefit […]

Cricket Training

Three groups of under 11 kids training on the one oval. Yes, they all look the same and I can’t depict my own until he starts walking towards the car. I have gone to a Moleskine notebook and have still been using the Japanese ink brush pen and then colouring with watercolour. The pages of […]

Cricket is back

Training night. Nothing like discovering you have waited for half an hour at the wrong oval. Under 11 kids in the dark and in the same training gear, all look the same.