Month: May 2013


It is that time of the year when I do the 3.30pm school pickup and I am met, not with “Hi Mum”, but ,” Can we get footy cards? please please??” Needless to say my bank account is suffering. Whilst Hugo counts his cards, I am left counting the few pennies I have left in […]

Footy Faith

Yes, another weekend of footy, back to back. Friday night TV footy; Saturday Morning School footy; Saturday Arvo Local footy; Saturday Night TV footy; Sunday Morning Under 9’s footy; And Sunday Arvo Radio footy. That’s our footy faith. Experimenting with an ink brush pen.

Sunday Night….

….waiting for pizza. The order was mixed up by an absent minded waitress, so I had time to draw this shoptop whilst I was waiting outside. Below is a barbershop.