Vic Roads…Burwood

All government departments have the same feel.

They are always busy with people processing forms, people waiting in queues, and people sitting around on plastic seating waiting for their number to light up on the screen. People upset and annoyed with what seems to them, to be inefficient service and delays; people upset because they haven’t brought in the right form or for having filled in the form incorrectly.

Whilst I waited for my son to do his Hazard Perception Test (a virtual driving test on a screen) I chatted with a lady who was waiting for her son who was doing the test to get his Learners license. She was waiting anxiously. I’m not sure how he went, he was still in there when I left.

My son scraped through his test with 61%. He had been well prepared in that we did not have to line up in any queue, he had booked and paid online. We did not have to take a number, we did not have to talk to anyone except the anxious lady and  there were no forms to process at one of these desks.

For that I was glad!

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