Vicroads …Dandenong

Today I spent two and a bit hours at Vicroads Dandenong with my 18 year old as he sat for his drivers license test. His ‘Red P”s

A lady with a bright yellow vest scrutinised his log book and  deliberated about the running total of hours for each page.

She consulted someone out the back and her calculator.

She flicked back and forth, from the front to the back, verifying signatures.

She answered emphatically “No” ,when I asked if I should go with them during the driving part of the test…(reasonable given it was my car?)

The seconds ticked by like hours until she finally declared it acceptable. “You can burn it now” she said to me.

Together, the lady and my son with the keys to my car, took off  alone, to conquer stop signs, three point turns and school zone speed restrictions.

After forty five minutes they returned.

My 18 year old now has his ‘Red P’ ‘s and I can burn the 120 hours of my time, that was his log book.

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