The Apple Slicer

A new kitchen gadget bought at the supermarket the other day. Supermarket people have the knack for hanging these gadgets right at eye level, hooked onto the long verticals of the shelving in any aisle.

When you take one off, it is near on impossible to replace so you think yourself “Its only $2.99, I might as well give it ago.”

And so I did.

The new apple slicer is in fact quite cool. It slices the apple into eight perfect portions and removes the core with ease.

Still using the ink brush pen, but I am missing the fine lines that the uniball 0.5mm pen is able to produce.

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  1. Marita August 23, 2013

    Hey Kate, Anna bought one of these the other day too as I had become sick of cutting up her apples (braces) they work quite well don’t they??
    Enjoying your blog and your commentary.
    Love Marita

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