Tea in Taree

Summer Road Trip….

Under a southern sky
A Monash dawn
brightens a freeway, long
On a Summer day

For a Holbrook feast, of course

And wine gums
Bacon, eggs,
a milkshake too, Please

Keep on going

Heading north it goes
M31, M7, A2, A240,
clear skies,
turning murky.

And it's spitting

With a rain delay, too
upon the sticky wipers
smearing the landrover's wind shield


Slow down

A wide load ahead
somewhere near Jugiong, Gundagai or Yass
Goulburn or Campbelltown

Sydney, perhaps.

She says
'From the second lane, Veer left
Take the second exit'

Straight ahead
Take the next exit for a place to stay
is that Gosford or Taree

The Alabaster, or
The Midlands
Or the In-Town Motor Inn

for the deluxe suite
and dinner at Sailo's
the club over the road

"Hey Mum, yer must tell yer young fella te take his hat off"

Tracey, she said that sternly and all managerial....

"And step away from the bar!"
Far out, C'mon...

He just wants sauce

And a raspberry lemonade

and Whiting fillets, crumbed,
but they are not available

or Battered fish,

They're available
with chips and salad
And a beer, of course

And Oysters Mornay

"I'll have them- A dozen, please."

Please, 'cos it's been so long.

A Manning river dusk
And tea at the club.

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