Vic Roads…Oakleigh

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Vic Road 2

….another 120 hours completed and another log book to burn.

It nearly did not eventuate though.

My sons overly meticulous examiner summonsed me from the waiting area. In her High-Vis vest she calmly explained that she could not go ahead with the driving test.

How could this be? She told me that my car was not roadworthy! What? My car has spent three days out of the last 28 days having things done to it. The service sticker clearly states the 17/3/2013, the previous day. Next service due 17/9/2013.

My sons examiner tells me that my cars indicators are not working and is therefore unroadworthy. My hopes of having two licensed sons capable of living more independent lives were starting to crumble. Two hundred and forty hours over the last year have been spent sitting in the passenger seat clinging to the overhead hand grip and planting my foot on an imaginary brake pedal. With this news my nerves were ready to shoot…. in one direction and only at my sons’ examiner.

Meanwhile my son sat with patience in the drivers seat. His examiner explained to me my options in a calm and bureaucratic voice. She said it was probably just the globes but that I had to take the car away to have them replaced.

She said there was a mechanic around the corner.

It shouldn’t take long.

The driving test cannot take place today.

By a strange twist of fate, the chap who had given my son his second ever driving lesson (I was wrecked after the first and said no more until you have better control of both, the wheel and your emotions) walked past. The chap enquired as to what the problem was. I explained, not quite believing how this situation could be. He got in the car, turned on the indicators, got out and walked around the car.

“The cars indicators are working” he said to my sons examiner….”you are looking at the reflectors”.

I now have two sons that can drive.

Vic Roads1

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