Game by the Beach

Cold, wet and muddy.

Fortunately, this very early morning game at Brighton Beach last weekend was done just as the rain began. In having said that, there was plenty of mud which saw to these boys sliding their goals through the sticks at each end of the ground. I love the location of this ground at Brighton Beach, nestled in amongst the suburbs and yet perched right on the edge of Port Philip Bay. It is flanked on one side by the local bowls club and on the other, a children’s playground. The clubrooms have been built in the 1950’s style orange brick with a first floor enabling good viewing and protection from the stiff bayside breeze. Local real estate agency boards adorn the outside walls. Some parents dot the perimeter fence line watching closely, some chat to other parents ,not watching closely, whilst others seek refuge in their vehicles not watching at all. Against the backdrop of ocean views, palm trees and railway stanchions these schoolboys slipped, slid and splashed their way across the ground with endurance, valour and an extra degree or two of dexterity, so as to manage the wet Sherrin. The depleted home side, Brighton Grammar, with borrowed opposition players, lost narrowly to the away team, St. Kevins. All in good spirit.

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